About Us

O'Briens has more than 230 stores providing the healthy food option in 10 countries across Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our reputation has been shaped on our famous made-to-order hot or cold sandwiches - Shambos, Tripledecker, Wrappos and Toosties - literally built to each customer's taste. The extensive selection includes gourmet coffees, fresh soups, salads, snacks and a wide range of soft drinks, including freshly made frappes and smoothies.

While the focus for O'Briens has always been on healthier choices, we constantly strive to introduce a more ethical way of doing business, a wide variety of gourmet coffees where a growing percentage of beans come direct from the grower. O'Briens has a greater variety within its Tossed Salads and healthy Wrappo ranges, which are perfect for lighter meals during the warmer spring and summer months. For autumn and winter, the menu moves more towards the traditional and speciality soups, not to mention toasted sandwiches, in all shapes and forms.

We buy the best quality, freshest ingredients that we can find to ensure our sandwiches are the finest and tastiest you can enjoy. We simply refuse to compromise on quality by using cheap fillings, as we know you expect the very best from us. But we still offer exceptional value for money.